Did the US Cause 9/11?

Just a quick post on this because I know there are those who feel that US presence in Muslim countries and some of our foreign wars has caused the rise of terrorism. This in effect makes the radical elements of Islam out to be victims rather than terrorist aggressors. This view dominates our current White House and foreign policy. They do not view this is a religious war.

Unfortunately for the US, the evidence is clear that the radical elements is Islam do not view themselves as victims but as fighters attempting to create a world caliphate that is ruled by Islam. We know this because the Muslim Brotherhood has published books that outline their goals and they have been found in the possession of terrorist groups and individuals. 

This is the reason why appeasement, apologies, and self-disarmament will not weaken the terrorist resolve – it will strengthen them. Even if the United States pulled out of the middle east entirely it represents too big a target for radical Islam to ignore to restore a global caliphate. Even the city of New York is dismantling their terrorist monitoring program thinking that it creates hostility towards Muslims.

For the terrorists, it’s a holy war and until we understand it as such, we will continue to stumble, fumble, and bumble our way around the Middle East until they catch us off guard with another devastating attack.