Sometimes I feel like the 1%. Not the 1% in terms of wealth but the 1% of conservatives who have “tan” skin (there is actually more). My roots go back to Europe, Africa and the indigenous island people of Jamaica.

So like most people of color in America where I now live, my values are conservative. But, unlike most people of color, I vote my values. Even though I’m sure some of my ancestors were called slaves or indentured servants, I believe that the best way to honor their memories is to work hard and succeed as much as possible in life.

I was raised to understand that racism is real but not to wallow in it. Education, hard work, a strong family and faith in God were values that were imparted to me.

I also am a follower of Jesus Christ. And that following demands that I look at the world differently. It demands that I live differently. And it demands that I treat others differently.

And being a follower means that I live free because that’s what truth does to you.

And this is my blog where I discuss those things that are tripping people up today to help them to live free.




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