The Propensity for Purity

While many conservative voters are energized about the 2016 election, judging from Twitter activity and online discussions, there is a growing problem amongst the digerati. This problem is a demand amongst conservatives for political purity on an issue or set of issues that s/he subscribes to. You can see this especially in the comments section of any article mentioning any political person or issue.

These current voters seem to have forgotten the Reagan principle that if a candidate agrees with 80% of your position, you should be able to vote for that candidate. No one candidate can reflect all of your values nor should you assume that all of your values are correct. Abstaining from voting for a candidate because s/he only agrees with you 80% means that 100% of your values will not be presented if your side fails to win. That’s a terrible loss to live with.

So while we can armchair jockey back-and-forth about who your favorite candidate is, just remember come Election Day it’s better to get 80% of your values sworn into office than none at all.