Why College Tuition Is So Expensive

I think the author raises a strong point. Government intrusion into the education marketplace has inflated the price of education.

Economic Policy Today

Everyone realizes that the price of college tuition is soaring out of control, but do the majority of Americans actually know why?


I could keep this piece extremely short and leave it at this: Stafford loans, along with other government guaranteed student loans are the reason why college tuition is so incredibly high.

But in order for our generation to be informed and make educated decisions, we need to fully understand every topic we can. So, what do government guaranteed loans have to do with the prices of tuition set by colleges and universities? These institutions of higher learning have no qualms about jacking up prices because they know they won’t lose customers if the government is helping their students pay for tuition. Despite the fact that there are more colleges than ever and that relocation is fairly inexpensive, tuition prices continue to rise. In a free market, tuition prices…

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