Single Payer Sinking

The holy grail of liberals has been universal health care. Well, Vermont tried by voting to implement a universal health care program for its inhabitants. Three years later what have they learned?

1. Health care is incredibly complex to effectively administer and deliver.

2. Providing the health care would eat up the entire state budget.

So what does that mean for Vermont? They will have to essentially double all of state taxes to bring things back to even.  

It’s a tough sell to vote for a single payer system when you also will have to raise taxes significantly. As soon as you hear politicians in Washington start talking about a single payer system consider this: Vermont’s poverty rate is one of the lowest in the nation and they can’t afford a single payer system. If you try to do this across the country, the cost may require a lot more than a 100% increase in taxes to pay for it. 

Read more of this here:



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