Jesus and Your Wallet

“Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money?”

This is my second blog post on Jesus’ view of money. The principle of personal property (don’t lust after what belongs to someone else so that you try to take it) was codified in the 10th commandment as the basis for a civil society.

To create a strong economy that grows and prospers the people, people have to have a sense that what they earn belongs to them and they are free to do with it what they want. The fact that a person can invest or start a business to accumulate wealth is a powerful motivator to get people involved to drive the wheels of an economy.

Look at Obama’s administration spread the wealth schemes that has raised taxes, significantly increased the health benefit burden, increased EPA and regulatory oversight and now is threatening raising minimum wages and the salary overtime requirements.

For small businesses, the primary employers in America, these shock costs are added to the bottom line without any real impact on revenue. And for the owners, it feels like Washington is on the take without providing any additional value.

These small businesses know that if they hire a few more people, or give hard workers more hours, or try to provide some kind of health care to the best they can afford, they suddenly find that these attempts will end up costing them far more than to do nothing.

Unsurprisingly, five years into the Obama presidency, we still find ourselves in a deep economic malaise. People who subscribe to conservative economics predicted this while Obama was out campaigning. No amount of spin can truly evade the brutal truth that the predictions of a slow recovery, rampant government spending, a ballooning entitlement class

Mr. Obama is a liberal ideologue which is why he finds it nearly impossible to do the things that create jobs. And despite all the liberal arguments and chattering heads, trying to put a few more dollars in a few people’s pockets temporarily hasn’t created any real sustainable demand. The only people who can defend this abysmal recovery (if there is one) are those who are trying to protect their jobs or their political party.

There is a simple economic axiom that has been demonstrated all throughout history: The more jobs you create, the more employers have to pay to compete for labor.

And when more people are supporting themselves, the less they have to lean on Uncle Sam. Which leaves more money to pay down the debt and to really help those who have the greatest need.


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