Open Guessing Season on Mac Office 2014

One Microsoft exec has already spilled the beans that a new Office for Mac is coming later this year. But no features were announced. Well I have a couple of guesses and wished based Microsoft OneNote and some of the moves that they have been making.

1. The new interface will look like One Note for Mac and more in line with Office 2013 for Windows (on that note, I wish OneNote could sync with Exchange instead of requiring an Office 365 account for corporate users).


Image2. It will have better SharePoint and Office Integration. No more Microsoft Document Connection. SharePoint 2013 has already promised better Safari support. A new Office could provide even more of a SharePoint tie in that would be Mac only.

3. Integration with Mavericks Notifications. It just makes sense to do that.

4. A basic API. It’s about time the Microsoft re-introduce an API that will allow third party applications to interact with Office at a code level.

5. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics – at minimum it would be great to be able to send and email and have it associate with a CRM account so that Outlook users can also view it.

6. Outlook needs to be able to view a shared another’s shared calendar without requiring the person to share details. And be able to propose new meeting times. And be able to vote. And display some HTML emails properly (like the reports that come from Microsoft SQL Server Report Services). And don’t tell me it’s the fault of Webkit because the same emails display properly in Apple Mail.

There are probably more but these are the ones that I’m thinking of as a daily Office user in a corporate environment that would make it that much better and homogenous an experience.

Of course, Microsoft may deliberately want Office for Mac to be behind the PC version to slow down it’s desktop OS erosion. Embracing the future, rather than hanging onto the past is a much better long term strategy to stay relevant. Microsoft is still licking its wounds from the beating it took in the mobile space because they hung on to the past.

When it comes to Microsoft’s two crown jewels, the market has shown they are more interested in Office anywhere rather than Windows everywhere.


A Fly in the DNA Ointment

Remember the fruit fly that evolutionists love to talk about? Well, it turns out that its DNA is far more complex that earlier thought. If we cannot imagine a software application comprising of thousands of lines of code randomly coming together, then it’s impossible to even think of DNA which is far higher order of magnitude.

Thanks to Wintery Knight for researching and posting this.

Two families fighting for their religious liberty at the Supreme Court

Like a dog suddenly finding himself at the end of a chain I hope that this country’s lurch to the left has ended.


The Heritage Foundation reports on the cases that will determine how far the Democrats can go to undermine religious liberty.


In less than two weeks, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in cases challenging an Obamacare mandate that is trampling on religious freedom. The Hahn family and the Green family will be at the Court on March 25 asking for respect of their religious liberty and the freedom to continue offering their employees generous health plans.

Let’s meet these families and what they’re fighting for.

A Christian Mennonite family, the Hahns have run Conestoga Wood Specialties near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for nearly 50 years. A second-generation family business, Conestoga employs almost 1,000 individuals to produce quality wood products.

The Hahns have always run their family business in accordance with their faith, including offering an employee health plan that aligns with their values. Under the mandate, however, Conestoga Wood could face fines of…

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