No Where to Hide

Well, the Congressional Budget Office just released their latest report citing that over the next 10 years, 2.3 million jobs will be lost to Obamacare. The White House is characterizing this as giving people options to leave the work force but who is going to pay to support all these people who will choose not to work?

If you guessed the taxpayers who do stay in the work force, you are correct.

This characterization by the White House tries to put a positive spin on a very damning report. We already know that because of Obamacare many employers have cut back on employee hours below the 29 hour weekly threshold so they don’t have to provide costly health insurance. Temporary firms have been in a boom business the last couple of years as employers hire more temporary workers instead of of full time workers where they have to provide expensive benefits.

So the Congressional Budget Office has reported what many of us knew all along – that Obamacare is damaging to the economy and the employment market. And because of their extensive work, the CBO really leaves Obama no where to hide.

It is no longer a faltering website with poor security. It is not Fox News. It is not Bush. It is his legislation that is doing this. And for a President that has struggled to demonstrate his competence and lost the people’s trust, this is a very bad place to be in.

Perhaps if the media had spent more time questioning Obama’s thin resume rather than propping him up as the second coming, we may have had a more competent President who understands how an economy works and would have put us on a track to a better future.

You can read about the report here:


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