Single Mother Blues

Without wading into the a discussion of “how did they get there”, one of the serious issues facing our country are single female parent households. Not the Hollywood single moms who can afford a nanny while they get their manicure and pick up their kids after school in their Cadillac Escalade.

I’m talking about the single moms who have the responsibility to raise and support a family but with little education or lack of experience find themselves struggling to make ends meet. You want to be able to help these moms out but you also don’t want to create a dependency mindset that can be passed on to the next generation.

I think that we should have a generous social support for these women while they upgrade their education, job training and experience so they can become self-sufficient with good paying careers.  Depending on the educational program, you can have time limits for the most generous payouts and then reduce it on a sliding scale.

The point is, our social welfare programs should be structured to help people become independent again rather than become a way of life. In ancient days, people migrated to areas where the agriculture, hunting or opportunities were better. You did that for survival or to improve your situation.

But if you’re working three jobs to make ends meet, you have no time to invest in education or job training to improve your situation so you remain stuck at a level below your potential. Or you don’t have the money to move to a place where you can take a better job.

On the other hand, if you reject the opportunity to grow or change, then it should not be the tax payer’s responsibility to pay your way for the rest of your life and you should feel guilty for being on the public dole when you take no responsibility for your own actions.

But if you’re a single mom struggling to make ends meet and working hard to support your family. I salute you and gladly pay my taxes to help you and would like to see more options to help you and your family become self-sufficient.






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