Apple is far from done…

I watched the keynote of Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference with particular interests I wanted to know how it was faring in Steve Job’s absence. My first thought was that “Apple is back”and my second thought was “they never left.”

Tim Cook is so much better than his last two keynotes. He is much more relaxed and finding his own groove. He was also more expressive, less wooden, and handled transitions much better. He was, dare I say it, inspiring? I think so.

As for the products, the two that stood out the most were the new Mac Pro and iOS 7. The Mac Pro is not only cool and radical in style, but between this new hardware and Mac OS X Mavericks, it shows that Apple is still committed to the pro market.

As for iOS 7, all I can say is wow. Even my kids were astonished at how good it looks. And having those key system features accessible from a swipe will be great. It is true that that a new OS can make your device feel brand new again.

As for the other products – 12 hours battery life on a MacBook Air made me want one again (I gave mine to my wife earlier this year). The iRadio announcement wasn’t a big deal for me but I know it portends to another piece of the Apple ecosystem that makes the platform more desirable.

With the crowd cheers, the obvious excitement from Apple’s leadership and peek into new products, I was inspired.


Scandals to the left of me, scandals to the right of me

With so many scandals circling the Obama administration you wonder how all this is going to play out. While I will give a president a pass for making a mistake and owning up to it, Obama doesn’t seem go want to do that.

The fact that so many scandals are occurring for seemingly political reasons is bad news.

The point is, the President cannot micromanage the country. But he does set the tone for the leadership at our agencies. And that tone has turned out one scandal after another. Whether it was intentional or not, these things occurred under his watch. There is no cover of “blame Bush”.

Worse yet, there seems to be little or no remorse from Obama. Even the appointment of Susan Rice who is the center of another scandal smacks of wanton hubris.

One wonders where his moral compass is tuned to.

If Obama was the president of a public corporation he would have long been fired for bringing in lousy senior management and his arrogance in continuing to run the company into the ground. The reason why we have so many scandals arises from the leadership style in the Oval Office. He has allowed all of his appointed leaders to politicize their agencies. That approach never ends well because there is a public trust between the government and edge people. Once broken, you lose your political capital and moral authority to move legislation of significance.

At best Obama sits as a lame duck for the rest of his term. At worst, if it is found out that he did collude with the IRS to target tea party applications, he will be forced to resign rather than risk impeachment.