And so the journey begins

I have spent a lot of time studying and reading about Calvinism and Arminiasm and have not been happy with the conclusions of either framework.

I do like frameworks because it makes God, the Bible and the world easier to explain. But frameworks are inadequate to fully explain God or even understand the complex world we live in. We can’t even explain our climate. Not that there aren’t good explanations but we have to be satisfied that God revealed to us what is important to know so that we could know Him and know how to honor Him.

I am reminded of the account where people were trying to figure out who is worthy to be saved and Jesus mentioned the tragedy of the tower that fell and killed 18 people. He didn’t explain God’s sovereignty but commanded people to repent or suffer a similar fate.

So even though I will add my thoughts to this conversation, I do so fully recognizing that those who differ with me are still my siblings in Christ and we have a common agenda to be fishers of men. The world likes to draw lines and make enemies. Christ followers should show a better way.


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